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International Monetary Systems, also known as IMS Barter, is America's largest independent barter company and this app allows access to many of the IMS Barter web functions on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device.

Use the IMS Barter Mobile App to:

This mobile app is free to those IMS members that want the power of the IMS website in your hand and instant member information that is constantly being updated. You will find opportunities to trade with members close to your location using the power of GPS.

When posting ads to the IMS Marketplace using the IMS Barter Mobile App, you are asked to allow use of your device's camera. Say yes if you would like to be able to post photos from your device to the marketplace ad.

When logging on to the IMS Barter Mobile App and you are asked the question to allow it to use your current location, say yes if you would like to be able to search from your current location of where you are instead of the location we have (i.e. your business address).