Hartford Barter

IMS members have used barter in Hartford for over 29 years to bring them new business while saving cash. Formerly Barter Business Unlimited, or BBU, until its 2005 acquisition by International Monetary Systems, IMS Barter Hartford helps to network local businesses with one another in Connecticut, the Northeast, and throughout the United States and Canada in 52 markets, attracting new customers and increasing sales for minimal cost. By using IMS Barter, businesses in Hartford can convert their excess time and inventory into real spendable currency in the form of IMS Barter trade dollars without taking costly markdowns. These IMS Barter trade dollars are then used to purchase a wide range of items that would normally require cash, including printing, advertising, supplies, building and vehicle maintenance, dining, travel and much, much more.

Your local IMS Barter telephone number is: 860-747-6227

Members are bartering using IMS in these cities in and around Hartford: