Online IMS Account

As an IMS member, your business has access to your trade dollar account information at all times. Similar to online banking, your business can sign-in to our secure site to see your trade dollar balance and sales and purchase barter history.

Your online IMS account gives your company the opportunity to:

  • Look up and connect with fellow IMS member businesses to fulfill your needs with IMS trade dollars
  • Shop the inventory of goods and services available in the exclusive IMS marketplace for immediate purchase with your IMS trade dollars
  • Browse the inventory of retail and dining certificates (scrip) available for purchase with your IMS trade dollars
  • Find domestic and international travel opportunities available for booking with IMS trade dollars
  • Search for dining options that are available with IMS trade dollars
  • View a list of timeshares available for rent or purchase using your IMS trade dollars
  • Search available media and purchase advertising opportunities with your IMS trade dollars
  • View your account information, including your trade balance, cash fees, and broker contact information
  • View your account summary of purchases and sales along with monthly statements
  • Post sales
  • View marketing flyers, called BarterBuys, both within your market and around the country

To learn all the benefits of becoming an IMS member visit our membership information page. If you’re ready to start saving cash, join today!

What people say

"Luebbe Hearing Services, a recent member of IMS for nearly 2 years, received some attention from US Senator Sherrod Brown who gave special recognition for its business achievements and contributions to the community for its critical role in leading the region's future development. US House of Representatives Steve Stivers also praised it as "a pillar of our community - making it a better place to live." We are proud to have Luebbe Hearing Services in our network!"

Barbara J Conley
Luebbe Hearing Services | Columbus, OH