Attract New Customers

Once your business becomes a member of IMS Barter, the largest nationwide trade network, your business is immediately exposed to the 16,000 other IMS member businesses across the country. Your business will then have access to IMS’ exclusive trade marketplace, where you can begin listing the products you want to sell through the IMS network. You can even list your timeshare weeks! Plus, you’ll be able to view the other member businesses and start realizing the ways you can save cash through trade.

If immediate exposure wasn’t enough, you also gain our sales and marketing team. Every member company of IMS Barter receives their own trade broker whose sole job is to promote and broker trade opportunities for them within the network. This provides a completely unique opportunity to sell your product and services to companies you didn’t even know about or have access previously.

After the sale, you don’t just develop a relationship with the IMS member you’ve sold to, but you’ve also extended your reach into a new marketplace you may not have previously had the opportunity to enter. These new trade customers will spread the news to their non-trade vendors about your products and services, and inspire new cash customers for you in the process.

To learn all the benefits of becoming an IMS member visit our membership information page. If you’re ready to start saving cash, join today!

What people say

"I have been enjoying IMS Barter for as long as I have been a consultant for Pampered Chef, about 10 years. As an owner of a two-family home, owned for rental purposes, I can testify that my barter bucks come in very handy. Whenever there is a plumbing or electrical issue at the property, I call one of the businesses in the barter directory and they handle the problem for me without cash changing hands or a credit card being swiped. Barter people are prompt, courteous and very professional. I have also had barter carpet installed and used barter bucks for furnace and air conditioning cleaning. Go IMS Barter!"

Ellen Parker
Pampered Chef | Cincinnati, OH