Everyday Selling Price

IMS Barter, unlike most other trade organizations, believes your goods are every bit as good on trade as they are for cash and deserve to be sold at your everyday selling price, not a discount. We encourage our member trade companies to sell to trade members no differently than selling for cash. In turn this means that you are receiving full value for goods and services you are providing.

And, because you are earning trade dollars on your goods and services at normal everyday selling prices, you are able to turn those earnings around to purchase items at your wholesale cost!

How does that work, you may ask? Well, you are selling your goods or services at a mark up, however you are buying goods and services through trade at your wholesale price. Because it may have cost you $6.00 cash to buy your widget, but you sold that same widget for $50.00 trade. Which means, when you use that $50.00 trade to purchase something through the IMS network, it really only cost you $6.00!

To learn all the benefits of becoming an IMS member visit our membership information page. If you’re ready to start saving cash, join today!

What people say

"Well done, Chef Chewy for being voted best chef at the restaurant in the Chipeta Solar Springs resort, a member since 2009. The resort itself was praised by the Denver Post as "one of Colorado's top ten inns." The town it resides in was mentioned in 2017 by AFAR Magazine as "the greatest mountain town you've never heard of." Congratulations on all of your achievements so far! "

Jack Young
Chipeta Solar Springs Resort | Ridgway, CO