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The IMS model is simple: We provide services and resources that allow you to tap into our growing network of business members and improve your cash flow. Your membership provides you with a personal account manager and access to that growing network.

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IMS is by far the largest full-service, membership-based exchange for goods and services in the United States. IMS has been helping companies realize increased profitability since 1985. Our success is due to a healthy and robust trading network built with care and expertise. Unlike many networks that focus on swapping or volume of trades, our expertise is building a monetary system of trade dollars that is as powerful as the cash system. Our customers recognize their trade dollars as they do their cash dollars. With that as our focus, and because we invest in great customer service, you can count on IMS to deliver.

There is only a small fee on each transaction of 7.5%. IMS also charges a monthly maintenance fee of $15.00 cash and $15.00 IMS trade dollars.

We always recommend that you do the math and review with your accountant to see for yourself, but here is a quick example of how a typical business can leverage its present goods and services to obtain needed goods and services.

Barter trade is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a respected means of earning revenue. As such, it is treated and reported the same as cash. That means that your annual sales into the IMS network are reported to you and to the IRS as part of our service to you and in compliance with IRS guidelines.

What people say

"As an HVAC contractor our inventory is our manpower. IMS allows us to utilize our manpower fully, even when the cash side of our business is slow."

Ron Maier
KENRON Industrial Air Conditioning | Rochester, New York