Expand Market Penetration

Competition in the business world is fierce. Business owners are challenged daily with the task of making their business stand out in a crowded field of rivals. Expanding your market share is crucial to growing your business.

IMS clients are motivated to sell to and buy from other IMS clients because of the increased cash savings this brings to their businesses. In most cases, these buyers may not have been exposed to your product or service except through their affiliation with IMS.By selling to IMS clients, you increase your market penetration because IMS clients want to buy from other IMS clients, as opposed to your competition.

In addition to increasing your market penetration through selling to IMS clients, these same IMS clients will tell their friends and family and other business associates about your product or service. You will still get to put your service sign on their lawn and receive referral business from neighboring houses or businesses. Your product may be displayed or sold through their brick-and-mortar or online business.

Let’s not forget about the many advertising and marketing opportunities available through IMS. Use your newfound revenue stream to expand your market penetration even further by investing your IMS dollars in advertising campaigns!

What people say

"Dr. McCloskey, a member of IMS for almost 7 years, learned under the direct training of applied kinesiology pioneer Michael Lebowitz, D.C. Dr. Lebowitz’s groundbreaking research into using applied kinesiology to assess food allergies, acute and hidden infections and nutritional deficiencies has helped thousands of patients around the world. Dr. McCloskey is a Module 1 Intern in quantum neurology®. His training also includes Dr. Feinberg’s Neuromodulation technique and extensive training in clinical kinesiology and chiro+kinesiology (CPK). Such extensive training deserves some recognition! Well done, Dr Jeffrey McCloskey!"

Dr Jeffrey McCloskey
Health Institute of Western Colorado | Grand Junction, CO