Please use the following logos according to their respective instructions. Doing so maintains consistency and easy recognition among both IMS members and the public. Additionally, using the correct logo achieves a good balance between clarity and file size, particularly in the case of email.

All employee logos come in two sizes, both with and without text. If resizing a logo is necessary, use the logo closest to the desired result and then resize.

Logos for designers and printers are included at the bottom of the page. Professionals should not use the standard logo sets.

Name & Font

Electronic Communications LogosFor general usage, the company name is "International Monetary Systems".
For all investor relations and parent company usage, the company name is International Monetary Systems, Ltd."

Whenever used in conjunction with the logo, the company name is written in the Baskerville font using smallcaps. Whenever this is not possible, consider using one of the following logos with attached text.

These logos are specifically for use in email, websites, etc, as they are at 72dpi and have a small file size. They will look blurry on printed publications or letters.


Print Logos

The print logos are 300dpi, but have a fairly large file size. They are suitable for letterhead, newsletters, and so on. These logos should never be used for email publications because of their large file size.

• letterhead
• printed newsletters
• small signs (standard letter size)

Professional Logos

Available upon request. Please use the Contact Us page for more information.

Logo ZIP Files

Electronic and Print logos can be found in the employee logos file. Download and unzip the file to retrieve the logos.

Standard Quality - Electronic

Standard Quality - Print