Sales and Marketing Team

IMS Barter provides a completely unique sales and marketing team. Leads generated by them are specific, targeted, and fully qualified!

One of IMS Barter’s most valuable assets is our dedicated trade brokers. Our professional trade brokers are dedicated to marketing and selling their member trade companies, and at the same time finding the products and services that their customers need. This is unique because our trade brokers do not cold call random companies hoping for a bite, but rather have a personal relationship and commitment to each of their member trade businesses. This allows them to know and understand their trade companies needs thoroughly and deliver them as qualified leads to you.

The IMS Barter network of trade brokers is expansive, covering the United States and into Canada. Our trade brokers are real individuals that care about your business’ success and will act as another sales person for your business.

IMS invests heavily in our trade-broker network so your company can reap the rewards. Our trade brokers are trained by seasoned veterans from the barter industry. They learn from the most reputable trade experts to effectively promote a network of member trade companies.

To learn all the benefits of becoming an IMS member visit our membership information page. If you’re ready to start saving cash, join today!

What people say

"My company, Hartford Toner & Cartridge Inc. has been participating in a Barter Network for over 20 years. We have been a part of IMS since 2006. I have found bartering to be very beneficial for my company and me personally. I find IMS handles all of my needs because it is not only local but nationwide. Every year at Christmas I like to give my employees gift baskets and customers cookies. With IMS I am able to get unique and different treats every year because they have offices across the country. I have even been able to get all different types of wine too because of all the different California Vineyards that participate. I use local members on a continuing basis for carpet cleaning, linoleum/tile cleaning, power washing, pool chemicals, paper products, cleaning products, Maid service, artwork, signs for building and vehicles, detailing and maintenance of vehicles, window cleaning, catering, furniture for office and home, computers and monitors, photography, indoor/outdoor plants, mulch, lawn cutting and maintenance. The list goes on. When I have a need I call my broker to see if Barter can meet it. My children and I get annual eye check-ups and dentist visits. We have been going to the same offices for years. Both of my kids used barter for their braces, retainers, and invisalign. We have all gotten regular full body massages, haircuts and color. The Travel Dept at IMS is phenomenal!! They offer so many destinations that I can’t wait to try. I took my kids and their friends to Fort Henry on Lake George. It was one of our best vacations and we can’t wait to go back! My daughter’s friend went back last year with a friend and spent cash. Which proves that barter business can lead to cash business!!!"

Cathy Collins
Hatford Toner & Cartridge | Broad Brook, CT