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Chosen Inc.: Selected to receive client donations from International Monetary Systems - WisBusiness

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Chosen Inc. (“Chosen”), a non-profit ministry dedicated to supporting foster and adoptive parenting, has been “chosen” by the local office of a large national trading network to receive donations from its clients.

International Monetary Systems, headquartered in New Berlin, is encouraging its Wisconsin clients to support Chosen.

Back to barter: A solution for struggling area businesses - Daily Herald

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Everything old is new again. As business bottomed out as a result of COVID-19, the oldest form of trade -- barter -- was booming. However, this is not your father's direct trade barter model. And that makes it even more appealing to cash-strapped businesses now.

Business to business trading has been providing an alternative method of payment that conserves cash, attracts new customers and gives businesses an advantage.

Barter transactions flourish in hard times - Accounting Today

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The growth of the Internet, coupled with periodic economic downturns, has spurred continual growth in the barter industry — with tax consequences that are often overlooked by taxpayers engaging in barter transactions.

IMS Barter continues to invest in Infrastructure - International Monetary Systems, Ltd.

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New Berlin, WI, May 4, 2021. International Monetary Systems, Ltd announced its second major website upgrade in the last six months to better serve its client-base. This investment in infrastructure for IMS clients shows its’ commitment to continue to be the worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services.

The website upgrade launched at the end of April 2021 focuses on the travel industry, to help bolster sales across this pandemic-devastated sector of business. Gathering inspiration from other major travel websites such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Kayak and others, the developers at IMS created carefully curated collections of travel properties available throughout the expansive, international IMS network.

These collections feature properties such as all-inclusive resorts, vacation homes, hunting and fishing lodges, bed & breakfasts, cabins, condominiums, hotels, plus much more, and allow IMS travelers to quickly select and book their stays in the type of accommodation they desire. In addition, the website will suggest nearby activities and restaurants offered through the IMS network to the shopper to improve their overall travel experience.

“We are looking at innovative ways to enhance the everyday client buying experience and at the same time increase the seller’s occupancy levels and market share. This website upgrade accomplishes both.” Says CEO John Strabley.

Recent website updates focused on expanding the IMS virtual marketplace platform where IMS clients list and sell products online. These upgraded features added a shopping experience more like Amazon or Etsy and the update saw an increase in web traffic for IMS by over 500%.

Founded in 1985, International Monetary Systems (IMS) serves 23,000 cardholders in 52 North American markets. Based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, IMS is the largest barter company in the world. The IMS network allows companies to create cost savings and connect to new customers by incorporating barter opportunities in their business models. Further information can be obtained at the company's website at:

Company Contact:

John Strabley - CEO
(800) 559-8515

Back to Barter: A Solution for Struggling Businesses - Digital Journal

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As the COVID-19 Downturn Continues, IMS Barter Is Busier than Ever

Everything old is new again. As business bottoms out as a result of COVID-19, the oldest form of trade - barter - is doing well. However, this is not your father’s direct trade barter model. And that makes it even more appealing to cash-strapped businesses now.

Old-Fashioned Bartering Is Back. Here's a Guide to Smart Swapping - Money

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The pandemic has put many households’ finances in jeopardy. While tough times call for creativity, that doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. In fact, people are turning to a practice as old as the wheel itself: bartering.

Back to Barter: A Solution for Struggling Paint and Coatings Companies - Paint & Coating Industry

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Everything old is new again. As the paint and coatings business struggles as a result of COVID-19, the oldest form of trade - barter - is booming. However, this is not your father’s direct trade barter model. And that makes it even more appealing to cash-strapped businesses now.

Business-to-business trading has been providing an alternative method of payment that conserves cash, attracts new customers and gives businesses a competitive advantage.

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses as Stay-at-home Orders Start Easing - Carol Roth - Tough Love for Business

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As stay-at-home orders begin easing, small businesses are left to navigate the challenges of this transition period, including how it affects their marketing efforts. To help make navigation a little easier, the incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs have generously shared their best marketing tips for small business below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar ideas listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

Your Solution To Lowering Retirement Expenses: Start Bartering Them Away Now - Forbes

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Retirement often starts like a vacation. You’re all excited and eager to begin the journey. Each day represents the beginning of a new venture.

Until it doesn’t.

For some, it becomes a pleasant, reliable schedule. For others, it’s Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. The incessant repetition begs for something completely different. That’s why you’re better off going into retirement with a handful of casual hobbies. You can rotate between them to keep things different.

What if you want something more than just the pleasure of collecting things? What if you’d really like to build something? You can certainly volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, but, for many, building something doesn’t mean physical. It means something akin to building a business.

If you fall into that group, why not turn one of your hobbies into a “small” business.

6 Out-of-the Box Ideas For Small Business Reopening - Help Squad

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Small business reopening has been on everyone’s mind as the United States nears the second month of COVID-19 quarantine.

With some states lifting restrictions and others preparing to do so in the near future, small business owners everywhere ponder on reopenings. Safety of operations and financial viability become major issues in all cases as the threat of the virus remains.

Some businesses have been weathering the quarantine with limited or no cash flow. They might have incurred debt or exhausted their savings. Some switched to remote operations, having to implement and learn new practices, such as business communications and ways to hire and interview remotely. Others had to make an instant change from brick-and-mortar to online. All had to go through some type of adjustment.

Back To Barter: A Solution For Struggling Businesses -

IMS Barter

Everything old is new again. As business bottoms out as a result of COVID-10, the oldest form of trade—barter—is booming. However, this is not your father’s direct trade barter model. And that makes it even more appealing to cash-strapped businesses now.

Just ask John Strabley, CEO of IMS Barter (International Monetary System) in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Formed in 1985, IMS has been providing an alternative method of payment that conserves cash, attracts new customers and gives businesses a competitive advantage.

“Since the abrupt economic shutdown in March,” says Strabley, “Our marketplace has hit record online purchasing volume. Our website,, has seen a tremendous increase in traffic.”

Consider These 10 Adjustments Before Making Payroll Cuts - Best Company

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The economic impact of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders has reached nearly unbelievable proportions. As of April 10, 31 percent of Americans were furloughed or had lost their job because of virus-related events, according to a survey by Freedom Debt Relief.

But many businesses are hoping they can hang on to their employees until they can secure Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds to temporarily cover payroll costs or the economy reopens to begin the long process of recovery.

To business owners looking for every possible place to cut costs and preserve cash before initiating layoffs, there are several budget adjustments to consider.

A Small Business Guide to Bartering - National Federation of Independent Businesses

You don’t always have to pay cash. Learn how your small business can trade one product or service for another. If a client (or you) can’t pay with traditional means, it doesn’t mean anyone needs to call small claims court. Instead, what about bartering? You may be imagining old-time scenarios of doctors accepting a bushel of farm goods in exchange for medical treatment, but bartering is alive and well in the modern age.

More than 20,000 IMS Members Barter to Increase Business - CardRates


CardRates informs and educates about the world of credit cards, encouraging better credit decisions and a brighter financial future for all by highlighting how IMS Barter members increase their business and save on the bottom line.

IMS Founder Don Mardak on Venture - Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV

IMS Founder Don Mardak is interviewed on Bloomberg TV's Venture program by Cris Valerio.

New Buying Power, Despite the Economy - New York Times

New York Times

Bartering in goods and services is making a comeback during the economic downturn.

Can't afford health care? Barter for it - CNN Money

CNN Money

See how IMS Barter can be a great way to pay for healthcare.

The New Age of Bartering - CBS


During this down economic time, more businesses are turning to IMS barter to conserve the cash they have.

Short on cash? There's always barter - Crains New York

Crains New York

More businesses are turning to IMS barter first when they are short on cash.

A Christmas Exchange: Swapping Services for Gifts - AOL News

AOL News

Business are using IMS Barter to purchase Christmas gifts.

Barter Can Sometimes Be Better Than Cash - Corp Magazine

Corp Magazine

IMS Barter helps businesses barter their excess inventory.

Bartering helped rid business of extra inventory - Business Journal

Business Journal

IMS Barter moves businesses with excess inventory and unused services.

Get Into Bartering - Crain's Chicago Business

Crain's Chicago Business

At IMS Barter you can earn trade dollars and have the option of spending it on not just one but 16,000 barter businesses.

Bartering networks provide liquidity in cash-starved economy - Chattanooga Times Free Press

Chattanooga Times Free Press

In this economic downturn, IMS Barter has helped businesses save cash by using trade.

New Berlin firm facilitates business bartering -

IMS Barter allows businesses to sell their goods and services for trade dollars.

Businesses gain goods, services by bartering through exchanges - The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch

A local company, a member of IMS Barter, bartered with companies that are willing to accept his services in place of cash.

A Better Barter - PMQ Magazine

PMQ Magazine

IMS Barter can help restaurants fill empty tables and turn them into extra revenue.

Barter Catching On As Times Get Tougher - Hartford Business Journal

Hartford Business Journal

A local college uses IMS Barter to fill in their empty seats in its classrooms.

Corporate barter flourishing - Stamford Times

Stamford Times

Business is booming in IMS Corporate Barter.

Bartering Through IMS is Booming in IL - Business Image Magazine

Business Image Magazine

IL business get the benefits of IMS barter as the industry booms.

Bartering Surges in Recession - Patriot Ledger

Patriot Ledger

Businesses turn to IMS Barter to cut costs.

Trading Up - Fresh Cup Magazine

Fresh Cup Magazine

Local business finds new customers through IMS Barter.

A Fair Trade - QSR Magazine

QSR Magazine

A restaurant turns to IMS Barter to created more traffic and fill tables.

Barter for Meetings - Meetings Net

Meetings Net

The economy forces business to look to other alternatives for revenue and spending, IMS Barter.

Using Barter to Boost Sales - Vows Magazine

Vows Magazine

See how IMS Barter can get your business new customers and increase revenue with spending cash.

Facing Tight Budgets, Brides Turn to Bartering - Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network

Brides turn to IMS Barter as they face tight budgets.

Barter, Don't Buy - WCBS New York City

WCBS New York City

Before you use cash, barter first with IMS Barter.

NYC Businesses Beat Recession By Bartering - WCBS New York City

WCBS New York City

When businesses are cash poor, they turn to IMS barter for goods and services.

Business Bartering - KLAS Las Vegas

KLAS Las Vegas

Local restaurant prospers in the recession by using IMS Barter to buy goods and services for their business.

Barter is Good for Business - Fox Business - Neil Cavuto

Fox Business Network

With the credit crunch consequence, more business are bartering through IMS Barter.

The Bartering Business - CBS Evening News

CBS Evening News

Businesses use IMS Barter to survive the rough economy.

The Business of Bartering - KTVN Reno


IMS Barter brings business more customers as well as cash referral.

Don’t have cash? Consider bartering antiques - Antique Week

Antique Week

Antique dealer in West Haven, CT credits IMS Barter in saving his business.

Use Bartering To Conserve Cash And Boost Sales - Plumbing & Mechanical

Plumbing & Mechanical

See how IMS Barter can help your plumbing business conserve cash and increase sales.

IMS bartering for piece of the market - Daily Herald

Daily Herald

IMS Barter gives businesses the opportunity to trade their goods and services with other members in the IMS network.

Barter Smarter - Indianapolis Woman

Indianapolis Woman

IMS Barter can help your business stretch its dollar.

Plastic surgeons use barter to boost sales, bring in new patients - ACDIS


Local plastic surgeons are members of IMS Barter to help them bring in new patients and sales.

Is Bartering Right for Your Practice? - Medical Office Today

Medical Office Today

See how IMS Barter can benefit your practice.

Bartering in snow & ice management -

10% of local company annual revenue come from selling their services with the IMS Barter network.

Bartering For Business Growth - American Business Magazine

American Business Magazine

IMS creates purchasing power for it's members.

Using Barter to Boost Sales - SmallBizClub


IMS Barter sells for you.

Using Barter to Boost Sales - Ground Report

Ground Report

Businesses are discovering that joining IMS Barter can help move excess inventory or unused services and get new sales.

Bartering To Boost Cleaning Sales - Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online

Businesses can trade what they have for what they need in the IMS Barter network.

Using Barter to Boost Sales - TD Monthly

TD Monthly

Businesses can trade their merchandise through IMS Barter for full price instead of liquidating it for a reduced profit.

7 Tips for Becoming an Expert Barterer - Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

IMS can connect a much broader array of businesses than most companies could find on their own.

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