Save Cash Every Day

Saving cash is easy. After your business becomes a member, simply shop and save with your IMS dollars and keep your cash in the bank.

It’s barter, just much bigger and way better.

The international IMS Barter network has 16,000 member businesses, allowing your company to conduct business-to-business trading for goods and services outside of your normal markets. This gives you the opportunity to purchase goods and services for your business using IMS dollars, instead of cash. Which means your business can save cash on normal business expenses like printing, repairs and improvements, professional services, travel, office equipment, corporate gifts, company meetings, and much more, by spending your earned IMS dollars instead.

And, because you are earning IMS dollars on your goods and services at normal everyday selling prices, you are able to turn those earnings around to purchase items at your wholesale cost!

Here’s how that works: You buy your widget for $80 each. You sell your widget for $169 each. This sale price is true in both the cash and trade worlds. Which means, when you spend $169 IMS dollars, you have already saved $89 cash!

To learn all the benefits of becoming an IMS member visit our membership information page. If you’re ready to start saving cash, join today!

What people say

"“I have worked with my IMS trade broker for several years now using the IMS Barter system. He always provides knowledgeable information. It helps me to make informed decisions on how to adequately use my trade dollars. He works with me to manage my account and help get the “word out” which has greatly increased business in our practice. He is available by phone to provide clarification and/or additional information and is always prompt in returning phone messages. I will continue to use his services whenever the need arises and I would recommend him highly.”"

Dr. Tim Wall
Wall Family Dentistry | Pewaukee, WI