Back To Barter: A Solution For Struggling Businesses

Back To Barter: A Solution For Struggling Businesses -

IMS Barter

Everything old is new again. As business bottoms out as a result of COVID-10, the oldest form of trade—barter—is booming. However, this is not your father’s direct trade barter model. And that makes it even more appealing to cash-strapped businesses now.

Just ask John Strabley, CEO of IMS Barter (International Monetary System) in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Formed in 1985, IMS has been providing an alternative method of payment that conserves cash, attracts new customers and gives businesses a competitive advantage.

“Since the abrupt economic shutdown in March,” says Strabley, “Our marketplace has hit record online purchasing volume. Our website,, has seen a tremendous increase in traffic.”

What people say

"“I have been a part of barter for many years, I like the many goods and services I can utilize for business and personal needs. We saw how easy it was to make travel plans and utilize the IMS trade dollars in the many areas we wanted to go. I use my IMS dollars for many things - it’s a good feeling to know that I am a part of something great!”"

Arthur Singer
Optic Masters | Woodbury, NY