What people say

"“I started with IMS Barter in April of 2009, within 48 hours my broker was able to send me a handful of job bids. I've had no problem acquiring IMS dollars over the past years. I am able to spend the dollars wisely on dinners, advertising, and veterinary services. I most recently had my website upgraded by an IMS customer. I couldn't be happier. With the economy being difficult the last couple years, IMS has saved my business. I've managed to bank some money for those unforeseen incidents. IMS has also been a great way to get cash business as well. When we complete trade jobs, the trade members promote our business to their friends, relatives and other members in their community! My IMS trade broker works directly with us on all my jobs which helps me greatly, I always recommended IMS to my friends and family that can use their service. IMS is an essential part of our business! Thank you! ” "

Tony Tipton
Tee's Flooring | Galena, OH