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Banquet & Party Facilities/Meeting Rooms

Both Clayton and Groves locations are equipped to serve parties large and small. With twenty five years experience in planning and excecution of special occasions be assured that the profesional staff at CJ will take care of everything. Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Receptions, Mitzvah's, Bat Mitzvah's, Birthday Parties, Office Parties and Kid's Parties. We service Business Networking Functions such as Happy Hour, Networking Luncheons, Brown Bag Lunches. We cater to any type of gathering with specialized menus, flexible bar options and high quality service.

Webster Groves, MO
7.81 miles away

Oral Surgery

We are happy to announce that with our children and young adults home, now is the time to have their wisdom teeth evaluated. Contact Dr. John Chiapel ( & Maxillofacial Surgeon) at the for & . Located in a beautiful state of the art surgery center, all of your surgical needs can be attended to including dental implants, extractions and other oral and facial needs. Only the highest professional standards are adhered to with respect to patient evaluation, sterilization, anesthesia, patient monitoring, quality control and post-operative care.

Wildwood, MO
7.89 miles away

Telephone On-Hold Tapes & Systems

At Plus we partner with our customers to complement or improve their current marketing efforts. We do this by providing our customers with innovative tools and techniques that increase sales, boost product awareness, and improve brand loyalty. In doing this, we hope to provide our owners and employees financial security and a path for personal and professional growth. We offer professionally written and produced messages mixed with music help entertain and inform callers while they hold. It's a small window of opportunity that makes a tremendous difference in how callers perceive your business.

Eureka, MO
7.99 miles away

Advertising - Unique/Miscellaneous

What if there were a way to tell every caller about a product or service you want them to know about …without you having to do anything? Now there is….it’s called Queue Marketing, from On-Hold Technologies. Why the name Queue Marketing? Remember the last time you went to the grocery store? While you were in queue, you probably noticed on the right side of the checkout aisle they had candy; on the left, magazines. The checkout lane is some of the most valuable real estate in the store because that’s where they increase the average ticket with impulse buys. When a customer or prospect calls you, before the phone rings in your business, they are in a “queue” and are already in a buying frame of mind. It’s the perfect opportunity to play a 15-second message about another product/service or a statement about why your company is the better choice.

Eureka, MO
7.99 miles away

Vehicle Wrap Service

At we specialize in full-body wraps on all types of vehicles. Our process is designed to ensure the highest quality application and is backed by our standard 18-month warranty. These beautiful wraps protect your paint, can be removed at any time and won’t depreciate the value of your vehicle. Best of all, with the color effects that you can only get with vinyl and the completely custom print design options, there’s no limit to the customization you can get with a full-body wrap.

St. Louis, MO
8.11 miles away

Computer - Network Services

IT Infrastructure: Do YOU know for certain that your company's servers are 'healthy'? Does your company have a plan to continue operation if your server(s) went down due to some sort of disaster (including one of the nasty viruses)? Is your company having trouble managing the IT environment? Is the "Cloud" something that is about as clear ase clouds in the sky? These questions are extremely important to success for a business in today's technology climate, and specializes in the "Infrasctucture" - what's 'behind the wall' - servers, backups, Cloud services, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, and other 'best practices' that helps your company ensure that the technology being used is appropriate, efficient, and provided at a justifiable cost. Let us know if any of these questions are important to your organization, and, more importantly, if you don't KNOW the answers!

St. Louis, MO
8.33 miles away

Internet Web Site Design & Development

A basic web site presents marketing information to the web enabled public, .. however it is much more effective to make sure visitors want to come back! We can assist in developing the page content, but we can also assist with forms creation, etc.

St. Louis, MO
8.33 miles away

Internet Web Site Hosting

Once a web site is designed and published, the job of attracting users begins. We provide registration services to make sure a site is listed with over 500 search engines, and also assist with announcements and promotional efforts.

St. Louis, MO
8.33 miles away

Internet Cloud Services

> CLOUD SERVICES: Many larger companies have staff in-house to advise on > technology matters, but most IMS Members just fix what breaks and keep > their fingers crossed. At this point in the "Technology Timeline", > however, things are getting complicated, and there are questions > critical to business operation such as: * Should we move our > infrastructure to the Cloud? * How would we handle an IT Disaster? * > Is our Network secure? has been assisting clients since before > the Internet was invented, and we can provide answers, planning, or > implementation required to make technology work the best for your > business. Let us know if you would like answers to your technology > questions. >

St. Louis, MO
8.33 miles away

Health & Fitness Clubs

“OsteoStrong is a proven, new type of health care facility that develops skeletal health, muscular strength, tone, balance, and reduced joint and back pain. It shows better results than anything else out there, and it only takes about 10 easy minutes once a week – and all without drugs. OsteoStrong was developed by a doctor who was able to completely reverse his Mother’s severe arthritis in only 18 months. It’s truly unique and has proven to be effective for all ages and activity levels from Olympic athletes who have achieved higher personal bests to 90 year-olds with low bone density. Everyone has a skeleton, and before now, there was no safe way to actually make it stronger. Come in and give OsteoStrong a try!”

Ladue, MO
8.37 miles away