"Non Conforming Nude" Original Figurative Painting / Vickers


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Benecia, CA
Original Figurative Painting entitled “Non Conforming Nude ", acrylic on canvas, created by northern California artist Marques Vickers in 2013. The dimensions total 38x46”. Marques Vickers Figurative images are a seventeen-year examination about the power and force radiated behind the solitary individual and the personal search for meaning and definition. The intensity of each figure, often in a silhouette foreground with diverse color and textural backgrounds provokes the questioning and intensity necessary in understanding the deeper questions of existence and the soul. Each figure becomes a reflective mirror of the viewers surveying their own interior shadow and placement within society. The figures demand multiple viewings by the spectator that over time reveal subtleties in form and composition instinctively deepening appreciation. The compositional depth of the figure evokes a sense of spirituality. Vickers’ works have been exhibited internationally in art galleries, exhibitions and are part of numerous public and private collections.
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