New Treated Mosquito Bed Net Jungle Expedition Quality


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Oak Grove, MO
These are TREATED mosquito nets for beds/sleeping/camping/emergency/preppers you name it.. These are the real jungle expedition quality nets approved by the WHO ( World Health Organization ) for prevention of malaria and other diseases transmitted by mosquito's. It has an impregnated insecticide in the net that is good for 20 washes or three years from the date you open it. These were made May 2014. they are 6.2 feet wide 5' high and 6' long. Great surprise gift for those preppers and campers! Completely worth their weight in gold in an emergency or disaster situation when the power is out and you have to sleep with the windows open or outside under a tree! So if your traveling to a third would county or just going camping locally stuff a couple of these in your suitcase... it may just save your life.
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