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The Birdieball Putting Green simulates the grain on a real putting green. It is engineered to be stimp-controlled, allowing you to specify how fast or slow you want your putting green. Competitor greens made with fake plastic grass is not what a natural putting green looks or feels like. A natural putting green surface is comprised of nubs of grass that allow the ball to be supported on the very top of the hyper-short blade. Our putting green surface acts the exact same way. Product Specifics • 4 feet wide by 10 feet long • Medium Stimp (10-11) • 3 holes configured at one end of the green; Two 12” from the end and one 18” from the end Includes • 3 cups and flags- 2 low back cups and 1 high back cup • Bumper for the end of the green • Contour Shims • Hole Deepening Shim • Hole Reducer Insert
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