6 Pc. Gourmet Skillet Set W / Lids


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The Royal Prestige® 5-ply cookware is constructed of three layers of aluminum, surrounded by a 430 Series Magnetic Induction Stainless Steel layer and a T-304 Surgical Stainless Steel interior. These five plies are bonded together to create cookware that retains heat and evenly distributes it along the sides and bottom last you a lifetime. Backed by an extraordinary 50-yr warranty. The 5-ply Gourmet Skillets have been designed to prepare traditional dishes, including those that are deep-fried. Looking to reduce added fats? Their construction also let you cook a variety of recipes with less oil and even without it. This set includes: • 8 Inch Gourmet Skillet w/cover • 10 Inch Gourmet Skillet w/coverof the pan. The pans are beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, and will • 12 Inch Gourmet Cover w/cover Can be purchased Separately: • 8 in. w/cover - $280 • 10 in. w/cover - $340 • 12 in. w/cover - $470 • 50 Yr. Warranty Sale Price: $1090 IMS; sales tax and shipping paid in cash Additional products can be viewed at www.royalprestige.com.
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