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Brand New, Sealed Real Clay Poker Chips - 25 PCS (Select Style Below). You can mix and match colors and create a full set for $399. This 10 gram Real Clay poker chip is a solid casino grade clay gaming chip. It's great for that serious home game or for tournaments. It's a great chip for those willing to pay a little more for what we consider a casino grade clay chip. Its clay compression manufacturing process gives it the feel and play of an equivalent to a Paulson clay.
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Color# AvailPrice
White A150$19.99Buy Now
Red A150$19.99Buy Now
Blue A150$19.99Buy Now
Green A150$19.99Buy Now
Purple A150$19.99Buy Now
Orange A150$19.99Buy Now
Purple $50050$19.99Buy Now
Orange $100050$19.99Buy Now