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2006 Marilyn Merlot 3.0L HAND Etched Bottle Vintage 2008 Bottling Date Very Rare 2006 Marilyn Merlot 3.0L Etched Wine Specs Vintage2006 Bottling Date2008 Alcohol %13.5 Wine Spectator84 Wine Enthusiast86 Connoisseurs' Guide88 Wine & Spirits86 An image of Marilyn Monroe that graces the label. The photo of Marilyn in a daringly low-cut dress was taken in 1958, and the dress is believed to be the one she wore at the debut announcement of Some Like It Hot. This is a highly desired Marilyn Merlot Wines Collectible. This SPECIAL large oversize bottle of the 2006 vintage 3.0L Marilyn Merlot was bottled and hand produced in 2008. I could not find the exact number of bottles that were actually made but according to the manufacturer and producer of Marilyn Wines, each etched bottle is created with a unique design around the label in both the 1.5 Liter and 3 Liter sizes. They made a very limited number of each etched bottle, usually limited to around 6 to 36 bottles of the 1.5 Liters, and only 2 to 10 bottles of the 3 Liter size. Very Rare! Since the estimated number of bottles manufactured by Marilyn Wines is only a maximum of 10 bottlers, it is without question that this is one of the rarest you can get. Since it would have been very expensive to have a 3.0 Liter label printed for less than a production of less than 10 bottles of this special edition, Marilyn Wines blacked out the 1.5 liter mark on the reverse side of the label to use for their 3.0 Liter label. There are not any labeled bottles known of the 2008 Marilyn Merlot special edition bottles existing to show or indicate that they are 3.0 Liters. All the bottles are done by hand from start to finish. Their design is created and then made into a film in a darkroom (similar to creating a photo negative). Once the film has been created, the bottles are then masked off and the film is applied. The bottles are then placed into a sand carving (sandblasting) cabinet while their artist utilizes various instruments to hand carve out the design image on each of the bottles. Once the carving is complete, the bottles are thoroughly wiped down and the actual paper label is then applied to the bottles.The next step is the hand painting of the design. Sometimes they use paint or glitter paint. Each bottle is hand etched and hand painted, resulting in a truly unique work of art. Each bottle was carefully masked, hand etched and hand painted, resulting in a truly unique work of art. This Large 3.0 Liter 2006 Marilyn Merlot Bottle measures 4 1/2" width x 17" height. The Shipping Weight is 11 pounds. Payment 100% IMS Shipping All Shipping Costs are the responsibility of buyer. We ship from Nevada and there are nine states we cannot ship to. We cannot ship wines to the following states. AL, AR, KS, MD, MA, NH, NJ, PA, UT If your ship to address is in one of the states above, we would appreciate if you would NOT purchase as we will not be able to ship the wine directly to you. Restrictions Wines can only be sold to persons over 21 years of age. You must be prepared to show identification when your wine is delivered. It is therefore requested that your "ship to" address be one where an adult over 21 years of age will be present to sign for the wine. The wine cannot be left on you doorstep. It must be signed for by a responsible adult with ID. Taxes and shipping to be paid for by the purchaser.
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