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One of the most well-known designs featuring on products from the world-renowned PAMP Suisse refinery is now available in pure platinum. Lady Fortuna’s famous rendition graces these platinum bars, showcasing the exquisite artwork behind the design. Each of these platinum bars contains 1 Gram of .9995 pure platinum. Known as the personification of luck in Roman mythology, Fortuna was revered as the Goddess of Fortune. However, according to popular belief, the Goddess could bring either good or bad fortune – resulting in extensive rituals to appease her. The obverses of these bars display the depiction of this Goddess, with a veil over her eyes signifying the uncertainty of luck she brings. Furthermore, a cornucopia on her head spills forth a bounty of riches. On the other hand, the reverses of these coins highlight the PAMP logo, in addition to the weight and purity of the platinum in the bar. Containing pure platinum, this bar strikes a great balance between size, platinum content, and price. Snag these PAMP Suisse 1g Platinum Fortuna bars to bolster and diversify your precious metals investment portfolios, while obtaining a beautiful design on a noble metal.
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