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Downers Grove, IL
Fixture Displays 24X48 Acrylic Sign Blank Corporate Sign Blank Office Sign Holder Building Sign 119880 . 24" X 48" Custom Acrylic Sign Blank Plexiglass Signage. This 24" X 48" custom acrylic sign is the perfect way to advertise your business with a professional touch. Acrylic thickness is 1/4" (6mm). Overall product size is 48"W X 23.9"H. Shipping box size is 51.7 X 24.3 X 2.2". Gross weight is 10 lbs. Each plexiglass sheet is made from clear plastic offering a full view of your personalized signage. Each unit also includes 6 standoffs to make your graphics pop off the wall for increased noticeability. Recommended ways to costomize: a. Use digitally printed self-adhesive label; b. Direct UV print; c. Purchase two unit to sandwich a printed sign - as sign such as printed paper stock sign. Contact us if you wish to order customized sign decoration from us. Sales A T FixtureDisplays. Use a clear plexiglass sheet like this acrylic sign to promote your business and gain the attention you deserve.
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