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FANTASTIC OCEAN VIEWS FROM THIS 43,608 SF (ONE ACRE) LOT!! Lot 24 on Aloha Blvd BUY NOW. $35,500. Build your dream or vacation home in Hawaii - the Aloha State! You'll enjoy the scenic hour's drive down to Ocean View Estates from Kona International Airport. Over 1000 homes have already been built in the subdivision and construction is ongoing. Entrance to the subdivision is at 1,500' and rises gradually to approximately 4,000'. There are two small shopping centers near the entrance where you'll find a convenience store, gas stations, clothing stores, garden supply and feed store, auto parts store, hair salon, electronics store, restaurant and a post office. Power and phones are in the subdivision and on road in-front of lot. There are paved roads in the subdivision. Zoning is Residential and there are no time restrictions for building, however, once you begin, construction must be completed within a year. All property taxes and property owner's association dues have been paid. Taxes are approximately $250.00 each annually and property association fees are approximately $150.00 per year.
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