Texas Longhorns ROSE BOWL football victory lithograph


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"Right for the Roses" Signed and Numbered Limited Edition 20" x 16" Lithograph Foreground: Vince Young (#10), Justin Blalock (#63), Will Allen (#72) Middleground: Coach Mack Brown and Staff Background: David Thomas (#16) and Michael Griffin (#27) Hand signed by famous sports artist Rick Rush Retail Value $180 New and Never Framed When things are right, they are really right and good takes place. On January 4th, 2006, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, things for the University of Texas’ football team could not have been more right and greatness took place. America’s Sports Artist Rick Rush has captured the thrill of this Rose Bowl Texas victory over the University of Southern California in his painting and original serigraph print edition entitled, "Right For the Roses". The greatness of this BCS National Championship bowl game was highlighted by Texas winning with only seconds remaining by a score of 41 to 38, and bringing the NCAA Football National Championship back home for the first time since 1969. Things were right for Texas. Dominating the foreground of the painting is the play that led to the game-winning touchdown that secured the bowl win over USC and the National Championship for Texas. With Vince scoring several touchdowns in his MVP Rose Bowl win over Michigan the previous year, he again put on a championship performance in this Longhorn bid for the Roses. In characteristic style, with time running out, Young dropped back to pass on 4th down and goal, or as some have said "4th down and game ". No receivers seemed open, so he broke right to his favorite side of the open field. One football commentator said that you can have the best defensive plan and the best defense called, but when Young breaks free, "you are in trouble".
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