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1) Disney Art/Copy Approval Donald Duck concept art from 12/2/1993. This is believed to be a photocopy of the original concept art submitted by Disney studios since it's missing the blue marker lines and the red Disney stamp. Paper has been mounted on a foam board and covered with cling wrap and framed on a gold colored frame. Please see pictures. The frame measures 18.25" x 11.25". 1) Donald Duck Drawings drawn in what appears to be blue pencil. There are 4 different poses on this art board of Donald Duck. The paper was mounted on foam board and covered in cling wrap for protection and framed with a gold colored frame. On top of the cling board there is a mounted Donald Duck wood articulated cutout that is held by metal studs in the different joints. The previous owner was a Disney cast member for many years that collected Disney memorabilia so this is definitely an interesting piece of art that would be a great addition to any collection. The frame measures 18.25" x 11.25".
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