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Gahanna, OH
Do you want to make a difference in a children's lives this year? Now you can do it easily. We have toys available and will take them to a drop off location for you in the Columbus Ohio area. If you would like a receipt for taxes and they provide one, we will mail it to you. All merchandise is brand new! Here are examples of possible toys: Puzzles, Games, Relay games, Tie Dye Kits, Kids Books, Stocking stuffers, Disney and other Character Items, Stuffed Animals, & much more! Your purchase will include a variety of many different items. Picture is just a sample. THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING WITH THIS PURCHASE, AS I WILL TAKE IT DIRECTLY TO A DROP OF LOCATION IN COLUMBUS, OHIO. Purchase any amount you'd like starting at $249 IMS dollars. Questions? Contact Stacey at 614-323-0395, or
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