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Malouf Quilt Tite Protector: The Quilt Tite mattress protector combines the comfort and luxury of cozy mattress pad with the protection of a waterproof and dust mite resistant mattress protector. The beautiful 400 thread count cotton surface is box stitched and filled with a plush layer of down alternative fill. Hypoallergenic filling promotes enhanced breathability and circulation, helping to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature and a quiet sleep surface.Beneath soft fabric, a lab-certified waterproof layer prevents liquid, allergens and dust mites from passing through while maintaining a high level of airflow for maximized breathability and circulation. Features 400 thread count cotton cover Box-stitch quilting with down alternative fill Waterproof top-of-mattress We will be happy to answer any questions for you. Freight is $10 cash per item. Please send your email address to us and we will send a credit card link to you.
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