Katie's Beef Jerky Fun Flavors - Medium to Spicy


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Hilliard, OH
Katie's fun flavors are turned up a notch by adding some heat. Teriyaki - sweet and salty, marinated in rich gluten free soy sauce, sugar, and other seasonings Smoky BBQ - just as the name suggests Hawaiian - pure, sweet, simple recipe with very low sodium. Pineapple juice and brown sugar is marriage made in heaven! Black Cherry Bourbon - sweet taste of black cherries soaked in bourbon! Maple - made with 100% pure maple syrup. Choose from Maple Habanero or if you want something hotter - Carolina Reaper Maple. Sweet Ginger - perfect blend of sweetness and ginger Garlic Lovers' Dream - enjoy the taste of sweet roasted garlic with a perfect blend of onion and other spices Moroccan Twist - it’s like no jerky like you’ve ever tasted as the flavors unfold in your mouth – cardamom, allspice and cinnamon. Bloody Mary - all the flavors you'd expect in a bloody mary - celery, pepper, tomato, and Worcestershire Pot Roast - your mouth begin watering as soon as you open the bag and smell pot roast. In addition to Spicy Pot Roast, there is also Scorpion Pot Roast. Cajun - enjoy the cajun flavor Chile Limon - extremely rich seasonings which include oregano, cumin and lime Steakhouse - the perfect mix of garlic, onion, and black pepper that will keep you coming back for more Old Fashioned Cowboy - salty with side of YeeHaw. It is the perfect blend of soy sauce and Worcestershire. Shipping is $6
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Spicy Black Cherry Bourbon 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Cajun 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Chile Limon (Taco) - Sugar Free 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Maple Habanero 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Carolina Reaper Maple 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Hawaiian Thai 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Teriayki 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Smoky BBQ 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Sweet Ginger 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Garlic Lovers' Dream 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Pot Roast 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Scorpion Pot Roast 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Bloody Mary 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Steakhouse 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Spicy Old-Fashioned Cowboy 50 $8.00 Buy Now
Moroccan Twist 50 $8.00 Buy Now