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Enjoy our seasonings. The flavors are inspired by our jerky flavors! Our seasonings are full of flavor with no salt added. Just like our jerky, they are all natural and gluten and preservative free. Original (7 oz) - Katie’s signature Original recipe has a best-selling, award-winning rich taste that will make any meat taste amazing! Teriyaki (7 oz) - Add rich Asian flavor to your shrimp, scallops, fish, chicken, or stir fry. Mix with honey and turn it into a glaze! Garlic Lovers' (7 oz) - Enjoy this rich blend of sweet garlic in unlimited ways! Developed to match our Garlic Lovers’ Dream jerky recipe, it’s perfect on meat, but don’t let your imagination end there! Smoky BBQ (6 oz) - Feel like it is summer all year long by adding this sweet and smoky flavor to your favorite meat, potatoes, salads, or just mix it with sour cream! Cajun (7 oz) - This complex blend of unique spices will leave you craving bite after bite after bite! Caribbean Jerk (6 oz) - For a zesty twist on Caribbean based spices, add this seasoning to beef, sausage, fish, chicken or even tofu! There’s a vacation in every bite! Mix with Pineapple Juice for a richer flavor. Moroccan (7 oz) - This unique blend of the most famous Moroccan spices – “Ras-el-Hanout” – is perfect for tagines (lamb stew), chicken, or couscous. Chile Limon (5 oz) - Mild chile with a twist of lime – ¡Muy delicioso! Perfect for Taco Tuesday. Also great on, fajitas, burgers, chicken, and more! Sampler Pack - Can't decide on a flavor? Choose this variety pack - it includes all 8 flavors in a smaller size.
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