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1 RARE pack of NEW MattShad swimbaits American Shad 2.5" Light Fall (0.3oz) 2 fully rigged baits per pack I have three different colors in 2.5" (0.3oz): Gizzard Shad, Threadfin Shad, and American Shad. I only have American Shad in 4.5" left in two different sink rates: Select from - Light Fall (1.2oz) and Heavy Fall (1.4oz). (Please purchase the auction you would like as I cannot guarantee that I have the others available) Each bait is made using the most durable plastisol available. The plastic itself is very soft but it has a high tear strength. Each bait is hand painted. The 4.5" baits are hand dipped after the painting to add depth and secure the eyes. These baits are truly beautiful and are arguable the most realistic shad baits on the market. They come 2 to a package in custom form fitted on both sides clamshell boxes. These are the BEST shad swimbaits on the market, hands down. I have a few hundred packs as I bought everything when Matt decided to discontinue them, but have decided to part with a few. Yes they win tournaments.
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