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This print, mounted in a Baroque relief frame, is the work of the distinguished contemporary Russian artist, Michael Cheval. He specializes in Absurdist paintings that offer an inverted side or reality or a reverse side of logic. His paintings are often metaphorical and require a sharp eye to decipher the often hidden allusions. This particular composition depicts a scene set in the European Baroque era. A man listens pensively as a woman plays the piano in an upside down position over his head. Sheet music falls to the floor from the piano. The print can also be hung in an inverted position to show the woman playing the piano with the sheet music rising to the top where the man is sitting in an inverted position. This print is taken from Cheval's limited edition Giclee on Canvas and is done in shades of green, brown, red and black. Dimensions: Frame- 17 3/4" L X 16 1/2" W Cream-colored matte- 10' L X 8 1/2" W Visible Print- 7 1/2" L X 6"W
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