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Lot of two ANACS CERTIFIED MS 67 Lincoln Cents, "Professional Life" 2009-P and the 2009 D Professional Life. The values can be verified by keywording US Coin Prices, Click on PCGS US Coin Prices, https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/2009-d-1c-lincoln-professional-rd/407859 and 2009-P https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/2009-1c-lincoln-professional-rd/407850 ANACS is "America's Oldest Grading Service", located in Englewood, Colorado. The ANACS history starts back in 1972, when it was founded by the American Numismatic Association to be a third party coin grading service. They initially started grading the obverse and reverse as different grades and you still see certificates issued by ANACS with 63/64 as a grade, noting that the obverse was graded MS-63 and reverse was graded MS-64. In today's grading standards at all leading coin grading companies, a single grade is assigned. In 1989, ANACS commenced issuing photo certificates and encapsulating coins in tamper evident holders. The 2009-P coin was made by the Philadelphia Mint and the 2009-D was minted by the Denver Mint. In 2009, the United States Mint issued four different pennies throughout the year in recognition of the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth and centennial of the first year of the Lincoln cent. The themes on the reverses of these coins represent the four major aspects of Lincoln’s life. Professional Life in Illinois (1830-1861) Characteristics Obverse (heads): Show the familiar Victor David Brenner likeness of President Lincoln featured since 1909. Reverse (tails): Depicts the young professional Abraham Lincoln in front of the State Capitol in Illinois. I am letting these go at the current market value, 100% IMS. These won't last long. Buyer pays for shipping, insurance and taxes.
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