Jabra / GN Netcom 9120 wireless headset & GN 1000 remote hands


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Jabra / GN Netcom 9120 wireless headset and GN 1000 remote handset lifter. GN Netcom 9120 wireless headset: The GN 9120 is a wireless headset that works the way that both in-office professionals and work from home professionals work. Offering an unbeatable range of personal mobility in the office or home, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits, the revolutionary GN 9120 will give complete wireless freedom in the office or home. · Volume buttons · Answer/hang-up button · Customizable gain control · Left or right ear capability · Also has a plug for a handset lifter (see GN 1000 below) This item has not been used for about 6 months. We also recommend a new earpiece cover. Retailed new for over $250.00 GN 1000 remote handset lifter This handset lifter will work with just about any phone that has a handset separate from the base unit, connected with a 4 wire RJ22 cord. It allows for answering the phone with the headset (see GN Netcom 9120 above), auto-lifting the handset to make dialing easier, etc. When you hang up on the call, the handset will be set back down in the cradle. Retailed new for about $99.00
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