6 Reasons to Barter

If you are a small business, you are always looking for a new way to save cash, attract new customers, and boost your revenue streams. One of the most over looked ways to achieve these three items is BARTER.

Barter has come a long way from trading chickens for bread or beads. Modern bartering can save your business cash, attract new customers and MORE. Here is a list of six reasons why you should look into bartering with IMS.

1.) Save Cash!
Saving cash is easy. After your business becomes a member, simply shop and save with your trade dollars and keep your cash in the bank.

It’s barter, just much bigger and way better.

The international IMS Barter network has 16,000 member businesses, allowing your company to conduct business-to-business trading for goods and services outside of your normal markets. This gives you the opportunity to purchase goods and services for your business using trade dollars, instead of cash. Which means your business can save cash on normal business expenses like printing, repairs and improvements, professional services, travel, office equipment, corporate gifts, company meetings, and much more, by spending your earned trade dollars instead.

2.) Attract New Customers
Once your business becomes a member of IMS Barter, the largest nationwide trade network, your business is immediately exposed to the 16,000 other IMS member businesses across the country.
If immediate exposure wasn’t enough, you also gain our sales and marketing team. Every member company of IMS Barter receives their own trade broker whose sole job is to promote and broker trade opportunities for them within the network. This provides a completely unique opportunity to sell your product and services to companies you didn’t even know about or have access previously.

3.) Boost Sales
IMS has one objective for our member businesses; increase sales while saving you cash. To make sure that your business continues to grow through our barter network, we actively market your goods and services to our international community of member companies. Additionally, we provide our members with access to IMS' exclusive online marketplace for you to sell your products without the cost of building your own ecommerce presence. These tools make it easy for other member companies to find your goods and services while saving cash themselves.
IMS strives to be a brand new revenue stream for your company. Our member companies are loyal and understand the value of doing business through trade and turn first to other members to purchase goods and services. Becoming a member opens these new opportunities while saving you cash in return.

Trading your goods and services is not just for small companies! With IMS’ Corporate Barter division, we provide effective ways to liquidate excess inventory or resources on a large scale.
Because barter sales are the same as cash sales in the accounting world, IMS provides the appropriate record keeping, and makes available to you an online account where you can view your sales and purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IMS will send you a monthly statement for your records, and even send the applicable IRS forms each year.

4.) Small Business Resources
IMS Barter provides many small business resources. But one of the best resources IMS has is a completely unique sales and marketing team. Leads generated by them are specific, targeted, and fully qualified!

One of IMS Barter’s most valuable assets is our dedicated trade brokers. Our professional trade brokers are dedicated to marketing and selling their member trade companies, and at the same time finding the products and services that their customers need. This is unique because our trade brokers do not cold call random companies hoping for a bite, but rather have a personal relationship and commitment to each of their member trade businesses. This allows them to know and understand their trade companies needs thoroughly and deliver them as qualified leads to you.

5.) Networking
Once your business becomes a member of IMS Barter, the largest nationwide trade network, your business is immediately exposed to the 16,000 other IMS member businesses across the country.
Not only do you have the opportunity and access to all of these 16,000+ businesses online and through your IMS Broker, but there are opportunities for Networking Events through your local IMS Office where you can do trading in person with other local IMS Members and build a bigger local network at these events.

6.) Travel
IMS Barter has over 1000 different travel locations across the globe - from Hawaii to Africa to Peru to Barbados and more!

You can save cash by traveling on IMS Travel Scrip or Gift Cards to wonderful destinations. By using your trade money and IMS Travel Gift Cards, you can save a huge portion of your travel budget on beautiful, unique locations. The IMS Travel department can help you find, book, and plan your next business trip, family vacation, or spontaneous adventure!

If you are interested in learning more about bartering or bartering with IMS, send us an email at info@imsbarter.com and we will connect you to a broker that can walk you through everything; or check out How IMS Works.

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