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Healthy Travel Tips

As we know, the definition of traveling was redefined in 2020 due to the global pandemic. People reconsidered how to travel, where to travel, and how to travel safely. The IMS Travel department is here to help you travel safely in 2021.

Check These Out! California Edition

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about summer vacations. Don’t worry, the IMS Travel Department has a few properties you should check out.

IMS Travel’s Top Cabins the Whole Family Will Love

Are you going stir crazy, but the thought of booking a flight seems daunting? Don’t worry, the ladies in the IMS Travel Department have you covered! Plan a road trip to one of our unique cabins in any of these popular destinations.

Top 5 Ski Resorts on Trade

One of the most popular winter activities no matter where you are, is skiing. For some, nothing beats waking up on a crisp winter morning to fresh powder on the slopes and you have nothing to do all day but to enjoy it. This winter use your IMS Trade dollars to get you to the slopes instead of your cash!

A Romantic Getaway in the Catskills Mountain

Imagine taking a Sunday drive only to get lost in the wilderness of Sullivan County’s Catskills Mountains. But then you find a secluded road and decide to turn down it, hoping for someplace you can get directions. You drive up the secluded road and come across a once beautiful manor.

Top Luxury Stays for Your Dream Golf Vacation

Is your dream to book a high luxury golf vacation with top of the line accommodations and the perfect tee times at a top rate golf course? IMS Barter has properties that are the best of the best near some of the greatest courses. Here is our top twelve luxury stays for your dream golf vacation.

IMS Travel’s Top 3 Midwest Destinations

Can you say, “Road Trip?” We talked to our lovely Travel Team about their top picks for summer trips in the Midwest. This is what they suggest checking out...

Welcome to Talamore Golf Resort

Make this your destination golf experience! The Talamore Golf Resort, located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, has everything you could need and dream of for a perfect golfing vacation.

Craignair Inn & Restaurant by the Sea

Imagine watching a beautiful ocean-side sunset from a porch, surrounded by flower gardens on a granite ledge rising from the sea…. You can have this view from the Cragnair Inn and Restaurant in Spruce Head Maine.

The Perfect Winter Night Out: Northern IL

Winter in the Midwest can either be exciting or rather uneventful. If you are going cabin crazy or looking for something special to do, we have a perfect night out for you to try!

18 Wisconsin Winter Fun Ideas

Winter is here and for the Midwest, that means many days of the same of thing over and over. To help you out with your boring winter days, we have compiled a list of 18 fun things to do banish your winter blues!

The Perfect Golf Day Itinerary: Rochester, NY

Pack your clubs; you’ve got a tee time in Rochester, NY! Love great places to relax and enjoy yourself after your round? You’ve come to the right place. Rochester is a place where golf has thrived and grown for over a century. Do you want to play from sun-up to sundown? Check out this perfect golf day itinerary, courtesy of IMS Barter, to see a sampling of what we have to offer. We’ll see you on the first tee!

The Perfect Golf Day Itinerary: Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin’s rolling landscape has attracted some of the nation’s most talented course designers as well as top professional golfers and casual weekend players alike. With picturesque landscapes and plenty of courses to choose from, you’ll be sinking that birdie in no time. Check out this perfect golf day itinerary, courtesy of IMS Barter, to see a sampling of what we have to offer.

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