The Perfect Golf Day Itinerary: Rochester, NY

Pack your clubs; you’ve got a tee time in Rochester, NY! Love great places to relax and enjoy yourself after your round? You’ve come to the right place. Rochester is a place where golf has thrived and grown for over a century. Do you want to play from sun-up to sundown? Check out this perfect golf day itinerary, courtesy of IMS Barter, to see a sampling of what we have to offer. We’ll see you on the first tee!

Start your morning off with an invigorating challenge with an early tee time at the championship-level course The Golf Club at Blue Heron Hills. Each hole is unique, with no parallel fairways. The distinctive features of the course include large tees and greens, bentgrass fairways, and an abundant natural water supply that keeps the course in prime condition throughout the season.

Once you’ve mastered Blue Heron Hill’s course, take a short drive to Marvin Mozzeroni’s, a classic pizza joint that has been serving up the best pizza, pasta and wings in the Rochester area for years. We highly recommend their specialty pizzas like the Meatball Marinara pizza, but if it’s still too early for full on lunch, then we recommend the Breakfast Pie pizza!

After chowing down on some truly amazing New York brick oven pizza, head over to Camillus Hills Golf Club. The Camillus Hills Golf Club golf course was designed for both low and high handicap golfers alike. The course layout is reminiscent of the classic vintage designs associated with some of the most famous golf clubs in America and features dramatic elevation changes.

If you don’t want to go far for dinner, you can stay at the Camillus Hills Golf Club and just mozey on over to their Bar and Grill located in the clubhouse. They have a selection of great pub food including wings, sandwiches, and amazing 1/2 pub burgers. If you decide to tackle one of those bad boys, go with the Rodeo Burger that’s topped with XXX sharp cheddar and bacon. Otherwise, Nestico’s is known for their Italian specialties and isn’t far from Camillus Hills. Our favorites there are Seafood Pasta Rosa, the Chicken Pappardelle, and their Traditional Baked Lasagna.

Finish the night at The Silverball Saloon. The Silverball Saloon exclusively focuses on adult fun! What’s better than a full-service bar with fantastic pub food and multiple pinball machines, a Dart room, and arcade games? We can’t think of much else! It’s the best way to end this perfect day: having fun with friends after playing two different courses, and drinking cold beers.

But the truly best part of this perfect golf day itinerary is that all these locations are available on trade! To learn more on how to make this perfect day happen, no matter where you are, call your IMS Broker now!

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