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What percentage of your annual sales goes towards advertising?

The US Small Business Administration recommends spending 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising if you’re doing less than $5 million a year in sales.

Top 5 Business Resolutions for 2020

What are the most common New Years Resolutions for Businesses? How can IMS help business owners keep their resolutions for the New Year? After some research, we discovered five ways IMS can help your business resolutions.

6 Reasons to Barter

If you are a small business, you are always looking for a new way to save cash, attract new customers, and boost your revenue streams. One of the most over looked ways to achieve these three items is BARTER.

Why Barter isn't Bitcoin

Ever since 2008, there has been a push for a cashless way to attain vital business necessities. The answer was the rebirth of Barter and the invention of cryptocurrencies. however most believe that Barter = Bitcoin. That is not true, and we will tell you why.

A Game for Old and New

Most know New York City for being a city full of attractions and entertainment, a city that never sleeps. But what you might not consider in the lump-label of entertainment was New York City had a thriving Video Game Arcade Culture. One such arcade is IMS Member, Chinatown Fair.

4 Ways to Help A Charity without Spending Cash

As a company that strives to save your business cash, we are also a company that wants to give back to the community. We wanted to let you know that there are ways you can give back, both as a business and in your personal life, when your financial resources are limited.

Opening the Door on a Spotlight Business

It is sometimes difficult for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition, but Precision Garage Doors of Cincinnati truly does! Continue reading to learn why.

Barter for Something Instead of Nothing

Studies show that over 30% of businesses engage in some form of barter…this for that…in direct trade. Most business owners aren’t familiar with the concept of business trading. Here are a few examples of Direct and Indirect Bartering.

More than Junk

One aspect most businesses, even some residential places, forget about is the importance of responsible and smart recycling and junk removal. Luckily, one IMS member specializes in this. Junk King Cincinnati and Dayton joined IMS’ ranks in 2016 but the company itself has been operating since 2005.

More than a Doggy Daycare

For any pet owner, traveling or even looking into weekly care can be stressful. One of our IMS members, Citizen Canine, can ease all your stress and worry about boarding your furry companion.