How IMS Can Help Postpone Payroll Cuts

As a business owner during this COVID-19 pandemic, everything feels like it has become unstable and unsure. You are fighting to keep your business open, and to do that, you are fighting to keep your employees. It’s a seemingly impossible task right now as revenue and income streams dry up.

As of last week, over 16 million people in the United States had filed for unemployment insurance. Analysts say that number will continue to climb if businesses remain closed, start to close, or have to continue to furlough or let their valuable employees go. Even though there is a small ray of hope with the Paycheck Protection Program, which temporarily covers payroll costs, business owners are still fighting to keep their employees.

In an article from Best Company, they write about things to consider adjusting before making payroll cuts. One suggestion was joining IMS in the spirit of co-opetition.

Co-opetition is a collaboration between business competitors, in hope of mutually beneficial results. IMS embraces this as an alternative payment system that sells for you. Even your competitor can utilize services you offer that they can’t provide during this time.

But more than that, there are three main ways IMS can help you postpone letting go of your employees.

  1. We are an alternative payment system that SELLS FOR YOU
    IMS provides its clients with a personal team that actively works on selling your services and products daily. This not only brings you in new local customers, but will also connect your to our massive network - thus expanding your customer base even more.
  2. We save your vital cash income so you can keep your employees on the payroll
    By using trade dollars, you are saving your cash income. The more you use trade, the more you save, and the more security you can give your employees.
  3. We can provide employee benefits through trade
    It was mentioned in the article from Best Company, that one way to save and keep employees is by cutting employee perks and benefits. Where this is true, and is true that the majority of the working population would rather have a job than benefits, IMS can help prevent the loss of all perks. IMS has over 16,000 businesses in our network that can provide employee benefits such was alternative medicine, vitamins, gift cards, and more.

We know how important your business is to the economy, and more even important, the employees that work for you. We want to help you in any way we can.

To read about other ways IMS can help your company during this pandemic, check out our library of articles here. To learn more about IMS or to sign up visit or give us a call at 800.559.8515.

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