A Practice to Guarantee More Profits

Here’s a Practice that’s Guaranteed to bring more “profits” to your company’s bottom line!

Recently, at an event discussing the power of using the IMS payment system to save cash, one attendee asked an important question: “What happens when a company acquires too many IMS dollars?”

A business owner who had long benefitted from being part of IMS yelled out, “Ask everyone to use the IMS payment system and use your IMS dollars to pay them, that’s what I do!” This brought a chuckle from the audience…and probably was instantly dismissed by them, too, even though this was an imaginative solution to the question!

The business owner later on went on to tell us that whenever someone called on his company to sell him something, he told that salesperson of his personal company policy to source all new vendors through IMS. He explained: “By talking about IMS with them, I showed them a way to ‘get-in-the-door’ to do business with my company.”

So, in a straight-forward business manner, his message to the vendor was that he uses the IMS payment system because it’s a good business practice. If you want to do business with us, we ask that you participate in this economic arena. The extent that you’re willing to use the IMS medium of exchange is one of the criteria we will use to evaluate our purchasing your product or service.

When the member was amenable to the suggestion, he’d introduce them to his IMS Broker with the promise that an immediate purchase would be forthcoming as soon as they were part of the IMS Community Currency. Furthermore, he told them if they performed as they said they could, additional orders would be placed on a regular basis.

This is a simple yet powerful way to bring more profits to your company’s bottom line.

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