What to do with your $1400 Stimulus Check

The latest Government economic stimulus package is on its way to US bank accounts. For some small business owners, this stimulus money could help their business to stay open and functioning. However, instead of spending that money, we say SAVE IT!

That’s right! Save that CASH. Instead of spending $1400 in cash, this is what you can get for your business with $1400 trade dollars:

1.) Advertising

Advertising is VITAL in 2021. Whether it’s print advertising, radio advertising, billboard advertising, direct mail, whichever, $1400 in trade can get you some serious advertising done.

2.) Upgraded website

Probably one of the most important things (besides good advertising) to a business these days is an up-to-date website. So now would be the time to upgrade your website to make sure your customers can navigate and get any and all current information, service information, and product updates

3.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While you’re upgrading your website, contact a reputable SEO company to make sure your beautiful brand-new website can be found by potential customers!

4.) New printed material

Do you need new brochures? Flyers? What about business cards or menus? You can get all of these done on trade!

5.) Customized items

In addition to printed material, you can get items like pens, notepads, face masks, tumblers, name tags, hats, aprons, etc., customized with your logo and information on them. Call your broker to talk about what you need and they can put that $1400 trade to work.

6.) Employee bonuses

We are nothing without our employees, but cash is tight and you aren’t sure that you’re able to give them a cash bonus. No worries! Give your employees bonuses in trade! We have gift cards that they can use trade on!

7.) PPE

PPE is still necessary right now so save that check and use your trade to get PPE! Also, we have deals on sanitizers and cleaners!

8.) Toner Ink

One common thing that all businesses need is a printer, and printers require a lot of ink. If you feel like you are buying ink and toner left and right, stop spending cash on them! Get them on trade!

9.) Accounting

Now that it’s tax season, talk to your broker before you spend your stimulus check on a cash-paid accountant. Your broker can connect you to an accountant that accepts trade.

This is just the TIP of the iceberg of what you can get on trade for your business. So save that check and use your trade. Give your broker a call right now to start utilizing your purchasing power through IMS.

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