Turn your Trade into Cash

At IMS, we are often asked what advertising avenues are available? We’re going to turn the tables to you this time….

Please send us a list of advertisers you want to use!

  • Is there a magazine you have wanted to place an ad with but it’s just not in your budget?
  • A certain kind of digital advertising or a website you want your business to appear on?
  • Have you always wanted to hear your business on a certain radio station?

Send us an email with these suggestions please.

If we do not currently have the advertising option, we will turn it over to the sales team to recruit.

When there is an immediate customer, our sales team is much more successful.

Added bonus - if the advertiser you want joins, $100 IMS will be deposited into your IMS account!

If they are already a member, we will work to get your ad placed with them.

Sorry, converting from a cash customer to an IMS customer is not available.

Here is a list of our Media Specialists if you would like to contact one of them to help you with your advertising needs:

  • Michelle Thomet, serving Wisconsin & Colorado, email her at michelle.thomet@imsbarter.com
  • Lisa Hoffman, serving Illinois and most corporate media, email her at lisa.hoffman@imsbarter.com
  • Mike Ferguson, serving Rochester, Connecticut, St. Louis, Loing Island, New York City, and Miami, email him at mike.ferguson@imsbarter.com
  • Mark Lindeman, serving Ohio, email him at mark.lindeman@imsbarter.com
  • Rebecca Lucas, serving California (Bay Area), email her at rebecca.lucas@imsbarter.com
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