IMS Solutions

IMS has solutions to the problems most growing companies face today. IMS can help you to better control today’s challenges of reaching new customers, improving cash flow, increasing profits, and retaining quality employees.

Reach more customers without additional cash promotional expenses or sales calls, by advertising in IMS trade publications, trade shows, or through advertising media available on barter.

Improve cash flow by switching current ongoing business expenses over to barter. IMS has many qualified accountants, attorneys, secretarial services, and more available through the trade system.

Increase your profits by using your trade dollars to offset cash expenses in both your business and personal life.

Keep loyal employees by allowing IMS to assist you in providing medical benefits, incentive programs, facilities, and catering for company events, and employee training programs.

Barter can be a powerful tool for increasing your bottom line.

  • If You’re Not Spending Your Trade...
    We really can do all the things we told you a barter organization can do. We find it sad that some of our IMS members don’t ever really get into the mode of trading. Joining our organization was a good decision then… and it still is.
  • The Perfect Winter Night Out: Northern IL
    Winter in the Midwest can either be exciting or rather uneventful. If you are going cabin crazy or looking for something special to do, we have a perfect night out for you to try!
  • Top 5 Ski Resorts on Trade
    One of the most popular winter activities no matter where you are, is skiing. For some, nothing beats waking up on a crisp winter morning to fresh powder on the slopes and you have nothing to do all day but to enjoy it. This winter use your IMS Trade dollars to get you to the slopes instead of your cash!
  • Weathering the Storm
    Since 1985, IMS has helped clients survive recessions, financial panics, wars, credit and liquidity issues, hurricanes, numerous global challenges, and now a pandemic. We have helped our clients weather these storms by leveraging their most immediate yet untapped financial resource, unsold inventory.
  • A Romantic Getaway in the Catskills Mountain
    Imagine taking a Sunday drive only to get lost in the wilderness of Sullivan County’s Catskills Mountains. But then you find a secluded road and decide to turn down it, hoping for someplace you can get directions. You drive up the secluded road and come across a once beautiful manor.