​Keep Top Employees & Customers

Most companies are cognizant of the need to attract and keep good, quality personnel. One way to do so is to provide them with a generous employee benefits program. As a member of IMS, you can sidestep the usual sizable cash investment when creating the benefits package because you have an option - barter. Consult with your broker and do a little brainstorming as to the numerous creative opportunities available to you through the exchange for packaging and an employee benefits program.

Benefit Program: Christmas bonuses, dental plans, legal services - all but a few of the employee benefits can be offered in trade dollars. Reward your employees at the Holidays for a job well done by a gift of trade. Set up a dental program for your employees and their families and pay for it with trade. Give employees legal service coverage through prepaid legal services premiums acquired with trade.

Participation Program: As an incentive to increase productivity, trade units or goods or services purchased with trade dollars can be offered to employees as a reward.

Combination Program: Combine all three programs to obtain a maximum incentive program for your staff and the extra bonus to you of improved production.

Contest Prizes: Using your trade dollars, purchase prizes or other appealing items with savings to use in such competitions as Best Sales, Cost-Containment Ideas, or Safety Record. There are many contest promotions that can be put together using trade dollars to supply rewards.

Holiday Giving: Thousands of dollars are often spent during the holidays by businesses to purchase gifts for customers.

Using trade for Holiday gifts, as well as other types of gifts, will help save your cash serves for other uses. A gift certificate will not only save you time on your purchases, but allow the individual to make a selection that is useful and appreciated.

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