Opening the Door on a Spotlight Business

It is sometimes difficult for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition, but Precision Garage Doors of Cincinnati truly does! Precision Garage Door of Cincinnati provides reliable, efficient, affordable, and friendly service for Garage Door Repair, Replacement Garage Doors and repair of Garage Door Openers.

They focus on their slogan, “We Fix Garage Doors Right” leading them to pioneer the industry standard warranty for garage door repair and training technicians. All of their technicians are professionally trained. Each one must first complete and pass a formal classroom training course before they can work with a senior technician for on-the-job training. Only when they finish their training with a senior technician, they are allowed to work alone. This program is why Precision Door’s technicians are capable of repairing any garage door operating system available on the market.

Precision Door makes sure that their technicians are so well trained because they want their customers to feel confident in both the technician and the service they receive. They even go so far as providing technician bios and reviews written by the customers they serviced.

Here at IMS, we appreciate that mentality and philosophy. So, it doesn’t surprise us that Precision Garage Doors of Cincinnati have an incredible five-star average on Google. They also won in the Best of Home Advisor in 2018. IMS is proud to work with this well awarded business.

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