Use Barter to Increase your Cash Flow!

Every business owner knows cash is king. Your vendors expect to be paid on time and regularly, and when you fall short, you’re finished. This is why it’s so important to learn alternate ways to increase your cash flow.

Barter is the easiest way to save dollars and get control of your businesses many costs (expenses and purchases). Every time your business purchases something through barter, instead of paying cash, that saved cash goes directly to your bottom line, allowing you to pay for those things that can’t be bartered, such as utilities, insurance, and rent.

Moreover, because you’re earning your barter dollars by liquidating your under-utilized space and time, or selling at fair retail the product you would normally have slashed prices on, every purchase you make through barter makes way for more purchasing power in the future.

Your IMS broker is an expert on how to save cash on every day business needs. From accounting and payroll services, to car care for your fleet, IMS can help you save cash, every day!

  • Barter DOES Increase Your Cash Flow
    It often takes a while for new clients of a barter exchange to fully comprehend the economic benefits of this unique relationship. Some business people are even reluctant to become involved with an organized trading company because they don’t really understand the nature of barter transactions.
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