A Day in the Life of an IMS Broker

The phone is ringing, there is another call on hold and the credit department has just paged me. Walking past the printer, I pick up the stack of certificate orders to be processed. I turn on my computer to find 15 email messages waiting for my quick response. I have not even taken my coat off yet, and the daily routine begins.

I have an exciting job – I literally own my own day. Setting up deals, authorizing payments, purchasing and selling inventory, designing media campaigns, shipping goods, serving as a mediator between clients, and welcoming new clients to IMS are all part of a typical day.

My clients are confident in me because I have a general knowledge of many dimensions of business. Questions arise about the highly technical printing industry, website development, the workings of the internet and SEO, developing a media campaign, quality of gemstones, plumbing specifications, dental work, concrete versus asphalt parking lots, water softeners, VOIP phone systems, legal services, auto repairs, catering services, hiring entertainment, all the way to who has the best margarita in town and how to book an all-inclusive vacation in St Lucia.

My most successful clients have a no-nonsense approach to doing business on trade. They tell me what to sell, when to sell it, to whom to sell it, and at what price to sell it. At the same time, they give me a list of three or four things they want to purchase using the IMS payment system, and when they expect me to deliver. They understand the cost of their IMS dollar, so they can immediately make purchasing and selling decisions. These clients expect me to create two to four percent of their gross annual sales through trade, and I like-wise expect two to four percent of their time.

In an average day, I make 60 phone calls and receive 25 voice mails and 100 emails. On top of that, I might attend meetings, book a venue for 300 guests, or send Aunt Gertie’s dog to be neutered.

Who am I, you ask? Your IMS broker. I work for you. Only serious businesses need apply.

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