If You’re Not Spending Your Trade...

We really can do all the things we told you a barter organization can do. We find it sad that some of our IMS members don’t ever really get into the mode of trading. Joining our organization was a good decision then… and it still is.

You probably joined IMS for one or more of the following reasons: looking for creative ways to eliminate cash outlay; opening new markets; utilizing excess capacity; or using barter to advertise for cash business. IMS can make all of these things happen, but only with your participation.

Think of IMS as you would a club that you belong to… each member contributing to make it a strong union.

  • We suggest that you get to know the IMS staff: set up an appointment to talk or meet with a broker and someone will be happy to discuss trade possibilities.
  • Keep us informed of your needs and wants. Have a list ready before making a cash deal, check with us first to see if it’s available on trade.
  • Attend our events and follow us on social media to meet other members; many business relationships and deals come together as a result.
  • Take advantage of our network… we don’t promise the moon, but we can and do offer you many types of products and services that everyone uses. Quite a few of our clients trade tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Trades sometimes take a little more thought and time, but they are worth the gains; preserving cash and purchasing at your own cost of goods.

Taking those first steps to becoming an active member can mean that start of a new and better, more profitable way of life. The same rules apply for those of you needing to earn more trade. The key is to get involved.

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