List of Donatable Items You May Not Have Thought Of ​

Along with your regular donations of food and clothes, consider dropping off one of these essentials next time you hit the donation center. Consider it added insurance that your donation definitely made an impact on someone’s life.

1. Toilet paper

2. Small bottles of bath essentials

3. Dental hygiene essentials

4. First-aid items

5. Feminine hygiene products

6. Diapers

7. Underwear and socks

8. Spices

9. Blankets

10. School supplies in the middle of the school year.

11. Gently used bicycles

12. Old cellphones

13. Sturdy bags and boxes to easily carry goods.

14. Lightly Used Books

15. Accessories

16. Electrical items (toasters, radios, power tools)

17. Small furniture

18. Office Furniture

19. Printers

20. Laundry Detergent

21. Pet Food

22. Vehicles

23. Batteries

24. Small Appliances

25. Home Improvement Items

If you are unsure of an item you are donating, you can always check with the Charity to see if they need or accept that item.

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