Top 4 Trades of August

At the beginning of each new month, we like to go back and see what the Top 4 Trades were from the previous month. This way, we know what our clients are looking for and how trade is helping them in their daily lives.

The Top 4 Trades from August were:

Real Estate

To be honest, it’s not every day that we have real estate properties on IMS, but when we do, they are prime locations and the best part is, you are using TRADE to buy the property and not your CASH.

Tree Services

Whether it’s just a few branches or a full tree removal, it can be done on trade. If you want to focus on tree removal for a minute, let’s talk about the normal cash costs. The average cost to remove a tree is $700. For smaller trees (around 30 feet high) you can expect to pay $250, for trees 30-60 feet high prices range from $300 to $700, and to remove trees higher than 60 feet costs between $700 and $1,800. Now if you just need to remove one tree, you could probably cover that cash cost. But why should you have to?! Use your trade!


Are you looking for a special gift or anniversary present for your significant other? May we suggest our vast jewelry selection from the IMS Marketplace? The jewelry you will find on the IMS Marketplace is top of the line, beautiful, and unique. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, even pins, and brooches - we have it all. Start your shopping journey at the IMS Marketplace by clicking here!

Fork Lifts

You need many things for your business and as you know you can get most if not all of your basic business needs on trade. But did you know that you can get some bigger, more serious equipment for your business too? They’re not the most common trade purchases, but if you let your broker know that you are looking for bigger equipment, like a fork lift, they can be on the look out for you.

Isn't it amazing what trade can do for you?
If you are looking for something specific, don't hesitate to contact your IMS Broker today!

  • ​Capitalizing on the Barter Industry
    Business owners today have seen their fair share of ups and down in the economy over the past decade but there’s still an opportunity to capitalize on. A 4th Financial dimension, barter, provides every business owner with an opportunity to harness their “private capital” and use it to achieve their business goals in the coming year.
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  • ​Keep Top Employees & Customers
    Most companies are cognizant of the need to attract and keep good, quality personnel. One way to do so is to provide them with a generous employee benefits program. As a member of IMS, you can sidestep the usual sizable cash investment when creating the benefits package because you have an option - barter.
  • Should You Be Thinking About Retirement Right Now?
    The answer is yes! The year 2020 has shaken many and brought their focus back to basic needs. But one that may be overlooked right now is the subject of retirement. Even though it might not seem important, it may be more important than ever, especially since the studies have shown that the number one financial worry of working people is that they don’t have enough saved to retire.