Franchise with IMS

Highly efficient operating systems
IMS is extremely proud of our proprietary operation systems, which have set the foundation for prosperity and growth. Our industry experience and tremendous track record have resulted in operational systems that minimize waste of resources at all levels.

Dedicated Marketing
Although IMS is building a global business-to-business brand, we know that dedicated branding must occur in each local community we serve. The manner in which our brand is conveyed to customers is extremely important to us. In order to facilitate our branding efforts, we have developed a host of marketing programs and best practices that enable franchise owners to maximize the return on their marketing investment.

Like most franchisors, we have developed a turnkey marketing approach which includes the following:

  • Sales kits
  • Logos
  • Printed and electronic promotions
  • $20,000 trade of influx capital for advertising purposes
  • Interest free trade credit line for marketing purposes
  • National and localized publicity
  • Complete e-commerce website
  • Electronic BarterBuys promotions to 23,000 traders
  • Advertisements in statement stuffers
  • Interactive viral marketing referral generating lead promotions
  • Cyber marketplace

What makes us different is the guerilla marketing programs barter develops to successfully launch new markets and drive local press to our franchisees.

Performance Improvement
We take a unique approach to the ongoing needs of franchise owners in regard to support. Our approach views support as a task and performance improvement as the goal. The better we can help the franchisee improve and expand their operations, marketing, and performance, the faster we will grow as a company.

Ongoing support:

  • Regular consultative visits from IMS’ franchise support team
  • Business review analysis of IMS office sales and performance vs. system-wide benchmarks
  • Operational manuals
  • Intensive hands-on training at IMS’s corporate office in New Berlin, Wisconsin